Since I was young, I have felt the need to express myself through various means, having studied Architecture helped me get on track.

In a tour of different techniques I have resorted more frequently to photography and visual work done on the computer.

I have not received any artistic training, of course during the career emphasis was placed on architectural styles and their artistic influences.

Being self-taught I can assure that no style has influenced me, rather I have freely experimented over the years, I can say that my work does not have a traditionally conceived aesthetic, I transgress reality, I create the image according to the perception that I assume , I shape the object with emotional characteristics and use intense colors to emphasize the message.

To execute each project, I work in computer drawing and editing programs, be it through a photo I have taken, an image that caught my attention, I sketch on paper and I scan it or I elaborate directly in digital illustration programs.

Once finished, I order to produce taking into account requirements so that the finished work is not affected, both in quality, pigmentation and duration, with the guarantee of the destruction of the file.

I am interested in the interaction between the viewer and the painting, that is why in general my work is large format, involving the subject, he has to feel, interpret and describe the object according to his criteria, the observer being a participant and not a simple seer.